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The (Documents)Tray Folder is a secure and hidden folder, located in your 'Documents' folder, that is accessible through the tray icon but only when you want it to be accessible. You can completely hide your personal files and folders. There is an unprotected mode and a protected mode. In the protected mode your personal files and folders are encoded to a file. Login to decode and open your personal files and folder.

Publisher description

Tray Folder... is a secure and hidden folder that is accessible through the program's tray icon. But only when you want it to be accessible. You can completely hide a folder. Hide files and other folders in that hidden folder. You can cycle the security and put the folder in the unprotected mode. Or, in the protected mode. In the protected mode no one will be able to see or open your secure/hidden tray folder. Start the program and an icon will appear in your tray displaying the date. Right-click on the tray icon and you will see a selection for "Tray Folder". Select "Tray Folder" and your personal tray folder that is not password protected will be launched. There is also another tray folder that is password protected. These are two completely different folders. One is password protected. The other is not. One "Tray Folder" is a launcher. Put anything in it you want. No Bells. No whistles. No dancing bears trying to sell you something that you do not want or need. But, it is a very good launcher of programs of your choosing. The other tray folder is a password protected folder. The user has the option to "Protect" their tray folder files. In the protected mode the files are not accessible and are protected by several methods of security. One method, for instance, is the ability of the user to remove the tray icon's right-click option to "Open" the secure folder. The tray icon's ability to control the secure tray folder can be removed by the user. When the user needs access to their secure tray folder the tray icon can be re-enabled with a couple of mouse clicks. When the secure folder is in the protected mode its files are encoded and saved in an illegible form and cannot be opened without the password. The user has the ability to change the password. Put anything in your hidden folder you like- files, documents, and/or other folders. Protect information. Use it for a directory, if you like, and put as many other folders in it you want.

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